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1st mini album & more...

Art Cube will be releasing their first mini album on December 23rd. They haven't announced how many songs it will contain yet, but the title is  「螺旋月」 (rasenzuki) .

They are also having their third oneman the same month, on December 12th, at Rock May Kan in Tokyo. Everyone who goes to this live will be given a live digest DVD from their European tour. There was a presale of tickets at tonight's live, and tickets will go on sale at Jishuban on October 24th.

They did a limited sale (50 copies) tonight of the "Luxurious cube" album they will sell during the tour in Europe. The booklet contains lyrics for all the songs, with romanized titles. There is also an address to an "English version lyrics site", but the site doesn't seem to be open yet.

The tracklist:
1. 雲に縛られた十二の境界
2. Pain~Wing...
3. Blue Heaven
4. 砂の華
5. 瑠璃雨
6. you're here...
7. 失楽蝶
8. 虹化鏡
9. 虹にさらわれて~無の解放へ~
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